About Me

jian-liu1I am a Chinese-Canadian visual artist, living and working in Montreal, Quebec. My work is abstract in nature and includes contemporary tableaux of ink and wash on rice paper, oil on canvas, and mixed media. A life-long practitioner of fine art, my formal education includes Fine Art (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada); New Media Design (Centennial College, Toronto, Canada); Industry Art & Design (Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, HeNan, China).

My work is inspired by personal experience of life’s beauty and fragility, as expressed through my intuitive and spontaneous brush strokes. Having lived through the life-altering experience of breast cancer – my perspective has been altered dramatically by the difficult journey of survival. And my work explores the gamut of feelings that came about through this experience – fear, disappointment, anger, humiliation, gratitude, joy, excitement, hope … and other feelings too numerous to name. This powerful experience has brought me a richer understanding of life and love, and has imbued my work with a transcendent quality that echoes joy and positivity (quintessential human qualities we all share.) The resulting imagery is dream-like, yet bold and striking, an open invitation into my unique visual and emotional landscape.

My work has been exhibited in a number of prestigious shows in China, Canada and United States, and is featured in private and public collections in Canada, China and Europe. Select exhibitions include: the 2014 “Exhibition of Calligraphy & Painting by Modern and Contemporary Oversea Chinese Artists” (Henan Art Museum); the 2012 “3rd China•Cuiheng Cross-Strait Chinese Artist Fine Arts Exhibition” (Cuiheng Art Museum); the 2004 “37th Toronto International Outdoor Art Exhibition”; and the 2002/03 “Chinese Experimental Ink and Wash Exhibition” (Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.” Other noteworthy exhibitions include: the Yantai Art Museum; the Qingdao Exhibition Centre; the Zibo China Art Museum; the Jiangsu Art Museum; Luft Gallery (Toronto); Maslak McLeod Gallery (Toronto); A.W.O.L. Gallery (Toronto); Tao Water Gallery (Boston) and the Red Gate Gallery (Beijing), among others.